About a boy (and a blog)

I know, I know…crickets  for weeks now here on the blog…  But trust me, Momma and Poppa Bear have been very busy bees!  While adjusting to the joys, rigors and follies of new parenthood we have continued to shoot a full season of portraits and weddings: all of which we will share right here just as soon as I am back from leave.   Sam deserves nothing short of a medal for taking over the workload of 2+ during our busiest season of the year while operating on very little sleep for so many weeks now, he is such a super Daddio and my hero.   We want to take a moment to thank our clients for understanding the slower than usual turn arounds and to thank our blog fans for their patience as well, don’t delete us from your feed just yet because there’s lots of amazing weddings and cute kiddos to share upon my return.  I returned to shooting weddings on October 10th and am working on a date for my office return in a few short weeks.

Here are just some of the posts to come:

Baby Brayden at 9 months

Jennifer & Kyle’s Engagement Session

Liz’s Bridal Portraits

Liz and David’s Engagement Session

Jennifer and Ryan’s Wedding

Angy and Chris’ Wedding

Becky and Mike’s Wedding

Jaymi and Jonathan’s Wedding

Jennifer and Terrance’s Wedding

… and with two more engagement sessions this week alone and weddings every weekend through November, the post list is growing fast.  Not to mention the backlog of albums I still want to post here dating back to last spring, we were so busy with shooting and the pregnancy that I may have let our album posts slide (bad monkey!).   So definitely check back with us.

And now, by popular request, a few recent pics of Fiver…  I love these ones Sam got during a recent nap:



So handsome at 6 weeks!  I had no idea he would have those gorgeous grey eyes when I knit him this sweater so I had to take pictures:




We’re just starting to get smiles from him: nothing we’ve been able to capture with a camera just yet but enough to believe that his “potato days”, as our friend Shannon calls the lumpy days of newbornness, are numbered.  Everyone tells you how fast it all goes and its so true.  I can’t wish a day away, even the really tough ones, and continue to love every inch of him so much that I think I might burst.  I’m frustrated that I can’t be both his mom and a photographer at the same time, I can’t seem to step outside of it all enough to document the nuances of our rapidly changing lives but I guess I can just settle for living it right now.  I’m trying to do a mini session with him every two weeks so I’ll post more as we go along, every time I pick him up he seems heavier than the last!

The point of this post?  Simply, to quote the Terminator, “I’ll be back.”

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