Brand New: Museum Art Books

Museum Art Books are a new addition to our album catalog.  Coffee table style books, these versions by Couture are more akin to a monograph by your favorite artist: big, modern, beautifully crafted and printed, well composed and more about showcasing artwork than design.

Folks have been asking about how these books differ from the Coffee Table Art Books that we currently offer by Asuka and we can finally show you.  For starters, Museum Art Books come in over 20 different styles – yep, over 20 – so they are extremely diverse.  There are also over 10 different papers to choose from including linen, watercolor and even recycled papers for your binding.  Like Queensberry, these books are printed and bound by hand for superior craftsmanship.  As for the finer points, here are some photos so you can see for yourself…

Our first Museum Art Book is a first year documentary project with Baby Camille incorporating 6 different sessions from pregnancy through Camille’s first birthday.  We chose to do a French Paris book at a size of 10×13 with linen paper.  All Museum books come with a minimum of 100 pages, giving them more oompf than our 60 page Coffee Table Books as you can see (MAB on the left, CTB on the right):

In addition to being bigger and thicker, the Museum Art Book lacks the glossy casualness of the Coffee Table Book with heavy stock, textured paper.  Color is less punchy and more demure and the pages are thicker.

I definitely dig on the texture of the linen pages:

Some characteristics of the French Paris style include the vellum cover over a white leather binding, printed end pages and the option to add vellum inserts with text or graphics.

We’re getting geared up to order a Berlin book next and design our first Museum Book with Megan and Tom’s wedding.  Stay tuned – we’ll show you more of these as they come in!

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