Baby Jasper at almost 6 months

These photos of Jasper were taken less than a week after the family had moved into a brand new house, a seemingly less than ideal time to take family portraits.  Joy and Reggie had made impressive progress on getting all their belongings into place in this new space so it was easy to find backgrounds that made it seem like they had been there forever.  I was totally getting away with making the photos appear to have been taken later, on a more settled day on a more relaxed week but something was missing.  As I began to include the stray box, embrace the empty spaces and ignore the fixtures that still needed hanging the photos got better… they started to reflect the memory of an exciting new start for a family.  Its the house where Jasper will grow up and the pictures embraced the future instead of the past.  I love these photos…

Here’s the slideshow and if you would like to visit the online gallery, click here.  I’m already looking forward to the photographing the next milestone!

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