Baby Brayden: Generations

I wish I could take the credit but the idea was all Mommy Amy’s: Amy wanted to gift her parents and in-laws with a photo session as a Mother’s Day/Father’s Day surprise this year.  So we found an afternoon for everyone to gather at Amy and Jeff’s house to take some photos while Brayden hung out with his biggest fans.

What resulted was a fun generational shoot.  Brayden must have felt like the most loved baby on the planet as each grandparent took turns passing him around, playing with him, feeding him a pre-dinner snack, and just plain goofing off.  We might have mixed some more traditional family portraiture in there too.  I couldn’t help but imagine how much fun this will be to do with Fiver and his grandparents!

Here’s a slideshow of the shoot and if you would like to visit the online gallery, click here.  If you want to schedule a generational shoot with for the grandparents in your baby’s life, its a quick one hour shoot priced separately from regular portrait projects – just get in touch!


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