Hello Baby Mabel

Baby Mabel is only 5 weeks old in these shots and she’s cute as a button.  We caught her on a sleepy growth spurt day: she had slept all morning and we were still keeping her up!

While everyone hopes their baby will be all smiles and happiness during a photo shoot, that’s rarely the case, its just Murphy’s Law. But fussy feelings give me the opportunity to document parents in action as they sooth and calm their babies and Ashley and Mike are already great in this arena:

Ashley and Mike wanted to be surprised and didn’t find out the baby’s sex until the big event.  Mabel’s super mod, gender neutral nursery is way hip.  The room is bright and baby appropriate with all kinds of interesting things to look at without being cutesy, I’m especially fond of the super wide rocker and yellow and white patterned crib bedding.

I’m excited to return and take more photos of Mabel when she’s about six months old, it won’t be long now because time flies when a small being enters your life.  Here’s a slideshow of the shoot and if you would like to access the online gallery of photos, click here.  Congrats to Ashley and Mike on such a beautiful baby girl!

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