Jess and Charlie’s Wedding on Saturday, June 6th 2009

Jess and Charlie’s wedding took place on a beautiful private farm in Goochland, Virginia belonging to a family friend.  With a tented reception overlooking the property and a ceremony on river, it was a dream wedding.  Antique buggies shuttled the wedding party to and from the remote ceremony site through a clearing in the woods.  The trees lining the bank of the river were so tall that they must have been hundreds of years old.  Everywhere you turned there were nods to nature, nods to history and nods to the timeless powers that guide both.

Check out this swatch of chocolate browns, lime greens and bright purple accents.  Jess and her gals carried bouquets artfully reminiscent of wildflowers.  If there’s one word that sums up the tone of their wedding celebration we well as Jessica and Charlie themselves it would be “authentic”:

I got in one of the buggies with Jess and Charlie to head back toward the reception and the poor vehicle started to sputter while climbing the steep hill towards the tent.  We rolled all the way back down (I believe Charlie likened the experience to doing the Rebel Yell backwards) but the newlyweds were unphased – Jess just hiked up her skirts and they proceeded to walk the hill to the tent on foot.  Guests cheered them on from the tent and encouraged Charlie to pick up the bride and carry her so she didn’t have to walk… and he did:

It was a casual, summery reception.  Guests could sit underneath the tent and enjoy the breathtaking view of the river or lounge by the pool at the pool house.  A tiki bar made its way onto the scene as the day progressed and we know that the party went on long after we were gone.  

Here’s a slideshow with our favs from the day and if you would like to be notified when their online gallery is available for viewing, click here.  Congratulations and thank you for inviting us to be part of it!


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