Baby Caroline Learns to Walk…

…Not today exactly, she’s been working on walking for awhile, but its no less fun to watch her move and groove.  Auntie Carolyn joined us once again and we started out at the house before taking a walk to the local park to play.

Portrait sessions are the opposite of weddings and other momentous events in that they celebrate the ordinary day, a day that doesn’t necessarily stand out on a calendar but taken collectively with other days like it, makes a life.  This session in particular makes me look forward to the every day joys of parenthood – I know its not always easy but I have no doubt that Catherine and John live for Caroline’s smiles.  And there was no shortage of those in this session.

Caroline has the cutest habit of hiding between Catherine’s legs and peeking through her legs:

We set up Caroline’s big girl chair in front of the TV, thinking we would get a shot of her “reading” her books.  Well, we did get a few book shots but when she reached for the remote instead and I couldn’t help posting this picture, it was just too real:

This was Caroline’s first encounter with bubbles.  At first it looked like she might try and blow them too but I think she was more interested in seeing how they taste!  (Answer: pretty much like soap)

Here’s a slideshow from the shoot and if you would like to visit her online gallery, click here.  I’m looking forward to putting together a book of year and a half journey from that tiny 3 week old baby to this fun loving sprite a year and a half later!

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