Jesse & Jonathan’s Wedding on Saturday, May 2nd

There are so many amazing things to say about Jesse & Jonathan’s wedding and I have to start somewhere – literally – the wedding took place at King Family Vineyards in Crozet, Virginia.  There was definitely a threat of rain that day but the cloud cover that prevailed only seemed to heighten the fresh color of the grass, bouncing perfectly with the greens in J&J’s color scheme.

Jesse and Jonathan made the event truly personal with a unique ceremony and some great reception choices.  Instead of bouquets, the mothers and bridesmaids carried small vases of water with a single white tulip.  The gentlemen carried vases of soil with sprigs of pine.  As each couple approached the top of the aisle, the ladies poured their water into a tall vase while the gents poured their soil into an opposing vase.  An evergreen sapling sat on a table and Jesse and Jonathan planted the tree during the ceremony using the water and soil and promised to transfer the tree to the yard of their new home.  They will be able to see it every day and watch it grow together as the years go by.

I have to mention Jesse’s bouquet made of lily of the valley, a flower near and dear to my heart.  My mother grew a small hill of lily of the valley in our backyard when I was growing up, its subtle fragrance always makes me smile.

Between Jesse’s love of math and Jonathan’s love of engineering, numbers became a fun game for the table assignments.  Instead of table numbers, the couple made math problems for guests to solve as they found their tables.  My favorite was the puzzle for Jesse & Jonathan’s table below, Table #1.  I had never really thought that a marriage could be summed up mathematically but I stand corrected:

There was croquet, green socks and shoes, so many fun things to mention.  But perhaps a style swatch does it best?

While a beautiful, sculptural cake was indeed cut later in the evening, we were really impressed with Jesse’s surprise groom’s “cake” awaiting Jonathan and their guests: not a cheese cake, but a cake made of cheese wheels.  Jonathan loves cheeses and was thrilled with his groom’s “cake”, cheesy as it may sound, the couple did indeed cut the cheese together.  It was then served on trays with fruit and preserves to each table just following the main meal for everyone to enjoy.

Talk about an awesome celebration of awesome people in an awesome place.  Did I mention an awesome party?  Check out the slideshow of our favorites and if you would like to be notified by email when the gallery is ready for viewing, click here.  Congrats, you guys…it was spectacular.


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