Coming Home Soon…

Its hard to appreciate just how good we’ve got it sometimes.  Sam and I have never had to live apart unlike military families who have had to cope with deployments far away from their families during war time.  Having Dina and Paresh in my life gives me perspective on what’s important and leaves me ever grateful for the sacrifices they have made for their country and for the future of our kids.  A pediatrician and emergency physician, both have deployed to serve our military men and women as well as civilians of Iraq (Dina) and Afghanistan (Paresh).  I was so happy that Paresh was able to plan a two week leave to meet his newborn daughter Leela just a week after her birth and I hope that he is home to stay soon.  I spent an afternoon in Maryland with the briefly reunited family back in February and wanted to share some photos with everyone here.

I saw most things in black and white on this visit, maybe because time seemed irrelevant.   I’ve learned that your whole life is on pause when you or your partner deploys, that you are just waiting for the time to pass so you can pick back up again where you left off as a family.  Kids, of course, are never on pause and that makes it particularly hard to be away.  It was so nice to see life off pause and on play that afternoon and hoped the pictures I took could feel like yesterday or tomorrow.   

Tej is already such a great big bro!  And so happy to get some time in with his dad…

Paresh’s parents traveled to town for a brief visit with the family:

My favorite pictures came from some family TV time on the couch and I can’t wait to see everyone plopped on the couch together again soon.  Its funny how such an every day, ordinary action can become so extraordinary.

I love you guys and hope Paresh comes home soon.  

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