Such a proud Auntie

These pics are so overdue, its not even funny.  I’m a slacker when it comes to taking pictures of our personal life and even worse about sharing them with anyone.  You can either be behind the camera as an observer or in front of it as a participant.  When it comes to my niece Jordan, its obvious that I would rather hold her than my camera: these are the most recent photos I have taken and she was only 2 weeks old!  (We’re closing in on 8 now).  I’m hoping that this post will light a fire under my rear because she is already such a different kid from these newborn photos:

Jordan has a great “grumpy” face as she demonstrates here with Daddy Brian:

Jordan is in the 95% percentile on height, she’s super long (surprise, surprise).  Check out the flippers on this kid…

She’s super aware most of the time, she loves to be held so that she can look out at everyone else.  And of course she’s an angel when she sleeps:

One February 15th, just three weeks after we welcomed Jordan to the world, one of my closest friends gave birth to a baby girl, Leela Devi Patel.  I traveled to DC to spend time when Leela first came home and took some pics while she was just a few days old.  2009 is turning out to be the year of the some V.I.Bs (very important babies) in our lives.

Unlike Jordan, Leela is a major snoozer…Dina actually has to wake her up during the night for feedings!  I love how she positions her feet together so perfectly like a little yoga baby:

She even slept through a diaper change and outfit change during one of Mel Mahsi’s photo sessions…  

Dina got this pic of Leela and I with my camera, I love it so much:

I will post more pics of Leela joined by her family soon…


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