Queensberry Matted Albums

Always more books to share… The Queensberry matted album is a classic choice, even an unconventional wedding appears timeless in a matted book.

Amy and Mike’s elegant wedding at Virginia Crossings Resort is bound in black.  What’s true for cocktail dresses is also true for albums: you can’t go wrong with black.  In addition to a black leather cover, their pages are made of black mats, pagemounts and black edging.  Edging is a curb applied to the rim of each mat for protective and aesthetic purposes.  Edging gives the matted book both heft and a formal appearance, here’s what it looks like:

Because the coloring of Amy and Mike’s wedding warm for fall, we converted all the black and whites in their album to a warm tone as well… meaning the shadows were converted from a blue black to a brown black.  Warm tone black and white is a subtle effect, something more likely to be appreciated on a subconscious level.  Can you notice it in the photos below?

One perk about doing a matted album with Queensberry is that you can maintain a panorama across the layout spread, like so:

And of course, we love the translucent vellum opening pages in our Queensberry books:

Carrie and Ben added contrast to their book of photos from their fun, preppy-cool wedding.  Like Amy and Mike, they chose a black leather cover with black mats but added an ivory pagemount and edging, creating a white border around each matted photo as well as a white binding page.  Here’s what their combination looks like:

Stay tuned for more books soon…

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