Baby Caroline Turns One!

While we didn’t hit her birthday quite on the nose, we weren’t too far off with this session.  Baby Caroline is crawling everywhere and can pull herself up so her first steps aren’t far into the future.

I love watching the twins with Caroline, its almost like she has two moms.  Catherine always sets up the guest bedroom with tons of outfits for possible wardrobe changes and the gals wisk her out of one outfit and into the next… I think Caroline is learning that its fun to be a girl.

John came home for a few minutes at lunch time for a few family shots.

And of course we had to do the cake eating ritual, its just too great a photo op to pass up.  Caroline didn’t object to the idea either…

As always, it was such a good time.  And on the heels of my own niece’s birth, hanging with Caroline, her mom and her aunt makes me look forward to all the fun to come…  Here’s a slideshow of the session and if you would like to view the online gallery, click here.

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