Queensberry Photo Front Covers

Its February, which means I have gone into album design mode: a state similar to hibernation in bears where an event photographer curls up with a hot beverage in the corner of a coffee shop and goes into a trance while playing what appears to be a strange form of Tetris with album design software as the hours fly by unnoticed.   

Queensberry remains our favorite album makers because of the wide variety of materials and options available for making each book personal and unique.  A couple recent orders included photo front covers: an option where a wedding image is imprinted in the binding itself, magically seamless from the adjoining leather binding.  Photo front covers can be printed across the cover, across 1/2 of the cover or across 1/4 of it.  Both couples featured here chose a 1/2 photo front cover on their 12×12 books, making their albums visually appealing before they are even opened for viewing.  The decision to use black and white imagery keeps their books looking classic:

One nice perk of choosing a photo front cover is that any digital copy albums ordered for parents will have a matching photo front cover free of charge!  Normally you can’t get a cover motif on a copy album so its a great deal.

In addition to having photo front covers, both these books are also duo albums, combining both matted and flush mount pages.  This layout demonstrates a flush mount page for example: the photo of the dining room is mounted flush to the edge of the page:

Duos are great books because matted pages can be included in the same book as flush mount pages.  In fact, flush images and matted images can even appear on the same layout.  In other words, we can make configurations where an image beneath a matt is mounted flush to any page edge, as in the b/w photo on the page pictured below.  We are never confined by the page edge when designing a duo book:

Queensberry also allows matted photos to cross the seam of a two page layout, allowing information to flow freely from one page to the next:

Here are a few more photos of various layouts from both of these albums to give you a sense of the possibilities when you combine both matted and flush images on the same page.  The duo rules…

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