Japan, Post #7: Yokohama & Chinatown



1) These are just tourist pictures, the cheesy ones that everyone takes on vacation, and are not meant to be viewed as professional photography.  We took only one camera, a couple of zoom lenses and no lights: we were on vacation afterall!  We’re definitely not seeking employment with National Geographic here.  

2) We’re not experts on Japan, Japanese culture or religion so take everything I say with a grain of salt. Estimate that I’ll have my facts right about 54% of the time.

3.) To see our pro work (like weddings and portraits) and skip vacation pics, feel free to browse our blog by category!

Musical people that we are, we discovered a curious thing: many Japanese cities are 4 syllable words that can easily replace the word “Hallelujah” when singing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah.  The following cities that we visited or passed through worked really well and we found ourselves singing their praises whenever we arrived:

Yudanaka… Shinagawa…Kamakura…Yokosuka (if you pronounced it incorrectly, its actually Yu-kos-ka) and perhaps most famous… Yokohama. 

Yokohama is a 30 minute train ride from our friends Susan and Erik’s house.  In addition to a few trips to restaurants at night, we made a day trip to look around.  Yokohama is a port city that reminds us a lot of Baltimore, Maryland.  But instead of Little Italy, Yokohama is home to Japan’s largest Chinatown.  If that sounds delicious to you, it was:

Here’s a photo of the tallest building in Japan.  While it may not be impressive by American standards, it survives an average of one earthquake per month and is therefore an engineering marvel:

Here’s more pics of us tooling around Chinatown at dusk.  In the next post we’ll visit the mountain city of Nagano…

We were used to plastic food displays but plastic hand models?


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