Saying Goodbye to a Good Friend

We struggled with the decision to post this here but decided that enough of you ask about him on a regular basis that we really should: its with a heavy heart that we write to tell you we said goodbye to Cass on Thursday of this week.  Casanova has been our best friend ever since there was an us and has been Sam’s best friend for even longer than that.  He was the only one with us when we got engaged and was the ring bearer at our wedding.  He lived to be almost 15 years old, which is pretty old in Border Collie years, and he played frisbee everyday to the very end.  The loss we feel is profound and we miss him like crazy but mostly we’re just glad to have had him as part of our family for so long.  I could go on and on about what an awesome dog he was but I’ll keep it brief for the sake of professionalism… Simply put, he was the man.

Sam and I took these pictures from him over the past week, he was a handsome old guy and we’ll miss both his brown and blue eye equally:

And just a couple of favorites that make us smile, including my very favorite of Sam with Cass on a camping trip last fall and one of the Poo and I on his 14th birthday last January.  Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive over the past few weeks, we’re lucky to have so many awesome “dog people” among our many clients.  This blog is all about the love and if there’s one thing we learned from our friend, its that love has no bounds.

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