Baby Alannah turns one year old!

I feel like this year went by so fast, remember when Alannah was just a wee thing?  Now she’s walking around at high speeds and look at all this hair!

Erin, a hair stylist by profession, has known that her daughter’s first hair cut was inevitable but struggled with it emotionally like many parents do: its one of those steps between baby to toddler.  There also a bit of an attachment to all the hair thats been there since the very beginning, its loved in a special way.  I was really glad that Erin decided to include me in Lannah’s first hair cut, it was a special occasion and neat to document, especially given Erin’s skills.

I should back up though.  Before we got started, Lannah grabbed a bite to eat and I couldn’t help but laugh at Maggie May, the family’s chihuahua.  I think most dogs feel a little snubbed when a baby first arrives but there is always a turning point… which seems to coincide with the introduction of solid foods.  Dogs quickly realize that they have a new best friend in a baby learning hand to mouth motor skills as well as ways to test their parent’s patience.  I love watching these pups as they wait for the gods of gravity and defiance to deliver a treat or two from the heavens of the high chair.  Its especially funny with Maggie May given her tininess:

After the haircut we headed to Ashland Berry Farm to hit the pumpkin patch.  We got a hay ride out there where Lannah and played among the pumpkins with a dramatic sky in the background.   It was just too cute!

Could this be the Great Pumpkin?

Erin and Eddy, its been a fantastic year.  I have truly enjoyed watching Lannah grow and getting to know all the Simmons girls better.  You are both blessed with an amazing family…

Here’s a slideshow of my favs which I couldn’t help but set to the White Stripes, it was such a fun session and all about being good looking (for a girl).  If you would like to see the session online, click here.

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