Baby Maddie at 8 months

Baby Madeline has gotten so big since our last shoot and she’s just as sweet and chill as her parents.  I met up with the Hutters at their home in Palmyra where we took photos around the neighborhood near the lake.  Maddie seemed to enjoy the beautiful fall day outdoors as much as we did.  And just before it was time to take a nap, we played in crib with the whole family including dogs Nikki and PB.

Maddie likes to give kisses and, although she hasn’t quite gotten the hang the facial mechanics yet, its sweet all the same.  She loves kissing Mommy…

Enjoy this super fun slideshow set to Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl and if you would like to the session online, click here.  Enjoy these Rorie and Stuart and thanks so much for your hospitality, its always good to catch up with y’all!  


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