Jolene and Eric’s Engagement Portraits

Jolene and Eric are dear former students of ours and we couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of their wedding next June.  We took their engagement photos at the historic Byrd Theatre in Carytown, a fondly familiar spot for any Richmonder.  In fact, I’m not sure you’re allowed to live here without seeing at least one, two buck flick there.  And if you are really from Richmond, you can (and will) recite all the lines of the opening anti-trash infomercial filmed circa 1983 aloud with the rest of the theatre.  Its a performance phenomenon.

 J&E went to the Byrd for their very first date where they sat in the balcony and watched The Neverending Story.  A little foreshadowing, perhaps?  Not to mention that Eric and Jolene were both film majors while studying at VCU so we really couldn’t have asked for a more appropriate location to celebrate both their past and future together.  We’re super grateful to the good folks at the Byrd for opening their doors to us.  

Not knowing what to expect, we arrived with strobes in tow.  But when it came down to it, the KISS rule (keep it simple, stupid) applied as it usually does.  We did some simple light painting using long exposures on a tripod and a flashlight to make Eric and Jolene pop out of the dark, no fancy flashes or transmitters necessary.

J&E brought popcorn along just to make it even more realistic…

I know that antique washes are insanely popular with wedding photographs these days but how about taking a pic by the light of an antique window instead?  The top floor to the Byrd is bathed in a yellow green glow late in the afternoon as the result of colored glass:

Here’s a slideshow with our favs from the session set to, you guessed it, the theme song for The Neverending Story.  Because hey, it works.  To view the entire session, click here.  Congrats J&E, we’re already looking forward to June ’09.

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