Karina & Allan’s Engagement Portraits

Karina and Allan drove all the way from North Carolina to take pictures on the campus of their alma mater, the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Its a significant place: its where they first met, where they began dating and where they got engaged.  Because they met at a campus event where they decorated cups, Allan made cups to help him propose:

Cups weren’t the only props they brought along for pics.  Ahhhh, the surge protector.  We learned that this little item has been the source of much laughter at Allan’s expense.  As the story goes, Karina was plugging her computer into the same outlet as the fridge in her dorm room so her computer kept shorting out.  So Allan bought her a surge protector… for Valentine’s Day.  By the time he figured out that his gift wasn’t likely to create sparks (go figure, its purpose is to stop them), it was too late to get something more romantic so he gave it to her anyway.  She found it sweet while the rest of their friends made him the poster child for the anti-Cupid.  So we took pics in front of their dorm that we know family and friends will get a kick out of…

Karina and Allan wanted photo booth style pictures for their save the date cards so we pulled out a fun lighting trick, would you ever guess that they are standing outdoors in front of a bunch of trees when we took these?  

According to conventional wisdom in the world of portrait photography, a height difference between a couple should be minimalized visually by taking seated shots, shooting from above, etc.  Sam saw this shot while we were faking the photo booth and used their height difference to make a quirky-fun portrait, I love it:

Karina and Allen, we’re looking forward to more photo booth fun at the wedding next May.  Thanks for making the drive, for all the great stories and for being so much fun to photograph!   Here’s a slideshow of the session or go here to see more in the online gallery.

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