Anticipating Baby Brayden

I admit that I am not completely on board with the portrait industry’s nomenclature du jour for pregnancy portraits: the belly session.  I am a big fan of bellies (even beer bellies), I love the playfulness of the word “belly” and that baby bump belly is certainly the focal point of such a session.  My issue is that there’s so much more going on in a belly session than a belly or even a baby.  I don’t have the experience to confirm this but it seems to me that pregnancy, particularly a first pregnancy, is a time charged with excitement, anticipation, waves of fear in moments, and the impending inevitability of change.  Many are likely to disagree but I believe that the birth of a child is a more significant life change than getting married, at least in this day and age.  Being married is a lot like living together (which many couples including ourselves chose to do prior) except now you’re wearing rings and eating on brand new dishes.  Having a baby is like…. nothing that came before it.  Its a great time to have portraits made.

Amy and Jeff are expecting their first child, a little boy, at the end of this month.  I loved the warmth and comfort of their living room with its overstuffed, comfy sofa and sooting palette of earth tones.  We spent a lot of time photographing there:  

Their dogs, Sammy and Ella, were keen on staying close by and being part of the family portraiture.  Sammy follows Amy around and gets a little protective of the belly.   

Amy likes to play piano for the baby so we thought portraits near the piano were key (knuck, knuck):

Amy and Jeff are preparing an adorable nursery for Brayden.  While its not yet finished, it will be fun to look back at photos in its progressive state when its complete and in use!

I couldn’t be more grateful that Amy and Jeff allowed me into their home to photograph this time.  We hadn’t met before so I appreciate that you let this goofball take such intimate portraits.  I can’t wait for Brayden’s arrival and am super excited to document him throughout his first year of life so stay tuned!

Here’s a slideshow of the session and if you would like to view the online gallery, click here.   Amy and Jeff, I wish you a safe and speedy delivery and thanks again for everything, its going to be an amazing year.

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