Ali and Michael’s Surprise Wedding on Saturday, September 13th

Yep, you read that right, a surprise wedding.  When Ali first contacted me about shooting the event, I had to ask what exactly a surprise wedding was!  Ali explained that she and Michael had planned an engagement party for family and friends on Solomon’s Island, a boating village on the Maryland side of the Chesapeake Bay where Michael proposed.  After much consideration, they decided it might be a better idea to forego the pomp and circumstance of a wedding and get married among family and friends in a more casual and relaxing atmosphere.  So they developed a plan to tell their guests to meet at the local Tiki Bar for cocktails in the late afternoon after returning from day trips of hiking, kayak and sailing.  Once everyone was gathered at the Tiki Bar, they would announce the real plan: to walk down the street to St. Peter’s Church for a ceremony, right across the street from the restaurant.  A minor detour for a major event.

Its worth noting the following line from a rough itinerary that Ali sent me the week before the wedding.  As I told her, never in many years of receiving wedding itineraries had we seen the following:

4:30 – 5pm  Party moves from Tiki Bar to Chapel.


They confided that keeping their intentions a secret for as long as they did was really hard.  There were some security breaches along the way so we’re not entirely sure how many of their weekend guests knew the real deal but the photos of the big announcement demonstrate both surprise and/or approval:

After the ceremony we took a few group shots of everyone outside the chapel before the group headed for dinner.  We loved the atmosphere at Solomon’s Pier and the clams looked pretty good too!

Here’s a slideshow with our favorites from the day and if you were a guest and would like to be notified by email when all the photos are available for viewing, click here.  Congrats Ali and Michael and thanks for inviting us to be part of something so unique!

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