Melanie and Neal’s Album

I’ve been holding this post for awhile, waiting for just the right time to share it.  Melanie and Neal had a beautiful small town wedding in Onancock, Virginia last year with bright colors and many Southern, summer accents.  They chose a Queensberry duo album in classic black leather and matting and I’m very excited to finally share photos of the finished product.  

Duo books are unique because they combine both matted and digital pages, resulting in a very unique construction: its no surprise that they are our most popular album option.  Another perk of duo albums is the option to add wing (gatefold) and flip pages.  Wing pages create a dramatic opening sequence by splitting the first image you encounter down the middle into two doors that swing open into a layout, inviting the viewer into the story.  It made sense to use a photo of Melanie and Neal coming out of the church as our opening wing page so that the wings would open just like the church doors.  While photographing the book, I noticed that the church doors open into a photo of a window: it was unintended but nice to know that my subconscious still plays an active role in these things.  Check out this sequence to see how it works!

I am including a few screen shots of various layouts from this album design as well as a some detail shots so you can see how this lovely book came together.  If you would like to check out the entire layout, click here

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