Carin and Bill’s Wedding on Sunday, August 31st

Wow.  (How’s that for a start?)

We have been looking forward to Carin and Bill’s wedding for awhile now, not just for the opportunity to shoot in New York’s Hudson Valley with its breathtaking mountain views and close proximity to the Big Apple but because of… simply… Carin and Bill.  After reading the history section of their wedding website, we knew we were among kindred spirits.

Carin chose bridesmaids dresses in a color my high school acrylic paint set called “cerulean blue”, the one tube I was always running out of because it was my favorite.   The wedding party’s flowers in shades of bright orange and pink made a perfect, warm compliment alongside the kid’s butter yellow vests and dress ribbons.  The colors were part summer, part fall and all fun.   And you have to love the romantic flair of Carin’s dress, check it all out:

I consider myself lucky to be witness to many heartwarming and hilarious toasts given by best men, maids of honor and family members alike: its a part of my job that is almost as cool as having regular access to really delicious cake.  Bill, whose first novel The Scandal Plan or: How to Win the Presidency by Cheating on Your Wife was published this past spring, wrote his father an instruction manual titled, “How to Treet a Wooman” at a very early age.  Now before you judge Bill too harshly, remember that spell check was hard for a 1st grader to come by in the 80’s, unlike today.  Bill’s dad had been hanging onto this handwritten manuscript in a red binder, awaiting the day he could gift his son with his own advice.  And so it was that Mr. Folman gave a wedding speech that included sage wisdom such as “cuttl alot” and “bee nicer”, passed from son to father to son.  

Just when the audience thought they couldn’t laugh any harder, Bill and some friends sat Carin down to serenade her a capella to “In the Still of the Night”.  About half way through, Bill launched into a solo describing the husband he would become over the years that could earn him band membership with Flight of the Conchords if only he were from New Zealand.  That’s all I can say about it until he puts the footage that Nick took up on You Tube… it was a great performance and promises to be even more popular than the wedding party that did a choreographed dance to “Thriller”, just wait and see. 

Congrats, Carin and Bill.  We couldn’t be happier that you invited us to be part of your wedding, it was a joy and a pleasure.  Thank you for your kind hospitality, we felt like we were at home in the South despite our actual geographic location.  Here’s a slideshow with some favs from the day and if you were a guest and would like to be notified when all the photos are available for viewing, click here.  


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