A tale of two coffee table books

While design work is every bit as much a part of our business as shooting, I admit to treating it unfairly when it comes to blog spots.  No more: with a new blog, I am turning over a new leaf (ha, HA… that was an inside joke for you album makers out there).  I’m going to begin photographing books as they come in so you can better understand how a two dimensional design becomes a three dimensional object.

So let’s start with a tale of two recent coffee table books.  Coffee table books are our least traditional album option and certainly our least pretentious one as well, they just seem to say, “I don’t belong on a shelf, how ’bout a coffee table instead?  I promise I can handle all the handling”.  They can indeed handle the love so we hope you will leave them out to be enjoyed worry-free. Printed with archival glossy pages, luscious color and contemporary designs, they deserve to be picked up again and again.  

The natural bend of the binding in coffee table book pages lends a third dimension to panoramic layouts that you just can’t get with traditionally stiff album pages.  This photo I took of Revetta in the limo is one of my favorites from the wedding and while its not bad flat, I love how it really comes to life as a coffee table book layout:

Here are a few of my favorite layouts from Revetta and Jamie’s book, I included some details too so that you can get a sense of the book itself:

Another cool feature of coffee table books is the protective dust jacket that is printed to match the hard bound cover as you can see here:

Here are a few of my favorite layouts from Chantel and John’s coffee table book.  I included a photo of Chantel’s favorite layout, it demonstrates how the divide between the left and right page, which can appear quite harsh in a 2-D layout, melts right into the seam of the book.  Ah, so many nice things about coffee table books…

Be on the lookout for more book designs soon…

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