I’m not sure exactly when the most junior of my junior bridesmaids transformed from a pre-teen into such a gorgeous young woman.  Sam’s cousin Megan came to visit us all the way from Michigan last week along with her mom and friend Lauren.  A rising senior with college ambitions and a ton of talent to fuel her dreams, she asked if we might take a few senior portraits.  With such a gorgeous model, how could we resist?

One of my favorite aspects of the Richmond landscape is the plethora of trains and bridges intersecting the city and our everyday lives.  I love living amidst the transit, I enjoy it as a constant reminder that nothing is permanent and we can go anywhere we want to in life.  Sam and I incorporated the architecture of journeys into the backdrop of Megan’s photos: an accomplished scholar, athlete and creative, we have no doubt that she is going places.  If nothing else, we made sure that something big was always on the horizon, literally. Or at least this is what we told Megan to tell everybody back at home if they asked why we shot in such weird places!

Megan picked up a cute yellow dress for homecoming on this trip and I thought it might be fun to flounce around in her Aunt Dee Dee’s colorful and amazing garden.  Can my girl access her inner supermodel when called upon to do so?  Most definitely!

I know that KT Tundall’s “Suddenly I See” is hardly a new song but then again, your cuz and I are hardly hip. This song just makes me think of you, Megan, so I couldn’t resist… check out this slideshow.

These photos fall short in describing how beautiful you are.  There’s no way a photo can describe your independence, self-assurance, curious spirit or compassion for others.  We can’t wait to see what you do in the next few years and know that you always have the support of your family no matter what.  We hope that your senior year is full of fun memories, keep us in the loop!

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